“Al-Wasil” and “Farhood” flying a cup and a rifle for radio production in the “closing of the jump” for camel – sports – all games


His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Muhammad Al Nahyan, Advisor to His Highness the President of the State and President of the Emirates Camel Racing Federation, witnessed yesterday a part of the fifth-day competition for the annual closing festival of purebred Arab camel races “Al Wathba 2021”, at Al Wathba Camel Square, “the closing of Al Wathba”.

“Al-Wasil” culminated in the law of the first round of broadcasting age, with the festival organized by the Emirates Camel Racing Federation, with the participation of thousands of camels from the hybrids of the country and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

“Al-Wasil” by Mughir Salem Hareb Al-Amimi won the first symbols of the festival’s broadcasting age after winning the local firstborn cup in the production category in the first major round and covered the 6 km distance in 8.58.09 minutes, leaving the second place for Shamaa for Rashid Muhammad Ghadeer Al-Kutbi. And “Al-Bahia” to Hamad Muhammad, the patron of Al-Shaja, came in third place.

The festival’s organizing committee allocated 4 symbols for the age of broadcast in the production category, within 10 rounds of the evening competitions, which witnessed a strong struggle between the participating mounts in light of the valuable financial prizes. He finished the race in 8.58.04 minutes, while Saeed Al-Afari came in second place, and Ghazi, owned by Muhammad Al-Hazmi, Al-Amiri sniper, came in second place.

The third half

The “presence” of its owner, Mubarak Saif Fadhil Al-Mazrouei, gave the Namus of the third major round and the Cup of Broadcasting Firstborns, the muggies of production, to harvest the third symbols of broadcasting, and the distance traveled in 8.59.06 minutes, and “Niran” came to Hamad Rashid Al-Mansouri in second place, followed by “Luck” by Hamad Suhail Awaidan Al Amri.

“Mutab” by Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mahrami flew the last of the production radio symbols and kidnapped the Al-Raqan rifle Al-Mahjat after a fierce competition with “Al-Sirmi” by Salem Dre Al-Falahi, who came in second place two parts of a second ahead of “Mutab”, while he finished in third place, “Rebal” for a fight. Mughir Salem Al Amimi.

The owners of the winning camels in the races of the symbols won one million dirhams in the two halves of Al-Abkar and 800 thousand dirhams in the two halves of Al-Jadan, while the camels in the ranks from the second to the fifth received financial prizes ranging between 300 thousand and 30 thousand dirhams.

Close of

Today’s broadcasting age competitions conclude with the open circuit competitions, localities and pastries, where 16 runs are held during the morning period, and the evening period will witness 10 rounds, of which the first 4 runs are dedicated to symbols.

Yesterday, the morning period witnessed the heritage race that is held for the first time during the “closing of the jump” to encourage young age groups to take an interest in camel racing, and to revive the heritage races, within the current festival that concludes its activities on the 10th of this year. The age group is from 10 to 15 years over a period of 5 rounds, while the last five rounds witnessed the participation of the age group from 16 to 20 years.



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