“Al-Sudairy” narrates a position about “Umm Kulthum” refusing to lend a member of her group 5 pounds because he does not have a penny to feed his children!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Writer Mishaal Al-Sudairi said: “The Almighty God says: (They ask you about wine, and the facilitator says about them: There is great iniquity. However, he authorized a type of betting such as horse and camel races and others, but (Balochi) – meaning without money.

Gambling hall in the West Bank
He continued during an article published in the newspaper “Asharq Al-Awsat” entitled “Gambling” is the basis of misfortunes. The ban on gambling is not limited to Islam, but also in the Jewish religion. Israel does not have a single gambling hall, and when a gambling hall was opened in the West Bank, the Israelis poured in There are giraffes and ours on it, to the point that the entrance to that hall was the most important tributary of the Palestinian budget, and the Israeli gambling addicts felt sad when that hall closed in their faces, after the circumstances that occurred as a result of the mutual attacks between the Fedayeen and the Israeli authority, and the two lost as a result of that a heavy loss, The Palestinians have lost the rewarding material income, and the Israelis have lost the irreplaceable fun and joy.

Umm Kulthum
And he added: Allow me now to leave the world of politics and enter the world of art, without leaving our main topic, which is the world of the facilitator … I read an old article by the late journalist (Mustafa Amin) about a position that happened to him with the late singer (Umm Kulthum), before the army movement in July 23, 1952, when the price of the US dollar at the time was not more than 20 Egyptian piasters, and he says: One day a member of her group who has been working with her for 15 years came to me, asking her to loan him 5 pounds, because he did not have a penny to feed his children. She refused … so the situation befell me, and I called her admonishing her: How do you do this, Sit?! Then things got worse when she said: Because I am stingy, I was shocked by her answer and I was silent for a while, and after we were silent for a while: Umm Kulthum laughed and said: I will tell you the truth. It is in my best interest for people to say that I am stingy until the swindlers and the hypocrite move away from me … I learned that this musician was staying up at the house of musician Farid al-Atrash yesterday and lost 300 pounds on the gambling table, so I wanted to discipline him so that he knew the humiliation of gambling, and I refused to give him the five pounds, and after he left, I called With his wife on the phone, and I told her that I would send her with my driver fifty pounds, on condition that she not tell Her husband, and she leaves him agitated, tormented, and sharpened until he knows the bitterness of the gambler’s punishment – it is over.

Facilitator is (the exponent) of calamities
He concluded his article by saying: Now let me also leave the world of art, and I am still clinging to the world of facilitation, which is (the basis) of calamities, and what led the addicts to death more, and I do not remember that (Qamarjia) emerged from it peacefully no matter what he gained, the addict is like fire if he did not She finds what she eats she ate herself.


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