Al-Sheikh gives good news to the Saudis and confirms, “Finally, the Hermann met.”


Art news, art news and artist news: Al-Sheikh gives goodwill to the Saudis and confirms, “Finally Al-Herman met.” Source of the news – Art News – Arabs today with the details of the news Al-Sheikh gives good news to the Saudis and confirms “Finally Al-Herman met”:

Riyadh -Arab today
The President of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, announced to the audience the return of artists Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan to work together in a new production that will be shown on MBC after a long hiatus. Turki Al-Sheikh said in a tweet to him on his Twitter account: “Finally, Al-Herman met after a long parting, and he prophets with them all of our stars, the living, the wounds, the Bashir, the Kanhal, and all without shortcomings, and a prophet of a new good and young people.”

He added: “I am very excited and I speak with the great writer behind Al-Harbi and support the work as much as I can. In the acting field in the eighties of the last century, they presented many dramas, the most famous of which is “Tash Ma Tash” with its 18 parts.

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