Al-Sabah confirmed in response to Nicole Saba: I will not talk about our point of view after the prestige 2 show


Actress Nicole Saba revealed during her visit as a guest on the program “Confrontation” with the journalist Rudolf Hilal on the screen of LBCI Until the morning company had promised her that she would be the champion of the second and third parts of “prestige” in addition to promises of other opportunities, which did not happen.

Soon, producer Sadiq Al-Sabah responded in a tweet, writing:

My dear Nicole Saba, I was pleased with your appearance .. I was right about some of what you said about your signature with us on two parts of prestige, but I will not talk about our point of view as a company before the agreement, after the agreement and before the job offer and after, because simply the councils are in the secretariats. Allah”.


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