Al-Rajhi is looking for the top spot in the World Desert Rally Championship – Saudi News


Saudi champion Yazid Muhammad Al-Rajhi is preparing to compete in the 2021 Eastern Baja Toyota International Rally, the third round of the FiA World Cup of Desert Short Rally “Baha” at his home and among his fans. The Eastern International Baha, which joins the World Cup tours for the first time, will be held in Dammam Industrial City (eastern Saudi Arabia) between 4 and 6 March. The rally includes a 10-kilometer exhibition stage that will be held on Thursday and two special stages on Friday and Saturday. The first special stage is 220 kilometers while the second special stage is 202 kilometers, and each stage is characterized by different challenging terrain on the sand dunes in the desert and on the seashore. The Saudi champion, who recently won the Baha Dubai International title, is seeking to win the first edition of the Eastern Baja Toyota International and to top the overall ranking of the World Short Desert Rally Championship, accompanied by his Irish assistant Michael Orr, on board his Japanese Toyota Hilux fighter prepared by the Belgian Overdrive team.On the other hand, the Saudi motorsports ambassador from Al-Sharqiya will begin the journey to defend the title of the champion of the Saudi Toyota Desert Rally Championship, which he won in 2019 and which was stopped last year due to the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic in the world.

Al-Rajhi won the Eastern Rally title in 2019 in the Saudi Toyota Desert Rally Championship and in 2008 and 2010 in the Middle East Rally Championship.

Yazid Al-Rajhi said: “I am fully prepared and prepared to compete in the eastern Baha, who joins for the first time the World Cup rounds for short desert rallies in Baha. I am very happy to see my country hosting the world tours one by one, whether in rallies or other tournaments.” I love Al Sharqiya and its terrain just as I love its people and I am happy to return to compete in it. Al Sharqiya is close to my heart. Year, but I am sure we will repeat it again in the future, ”explaining that his ambition is to win and win, whether at the international or national level, pointing out that the competition is not without surprises and difficulties and that he will do everything in his power to win.


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