Al-Qattan’s statements about Tiran and Sanafir … bin Salman raise controversy again among Egyptians!


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Hours after Al-Qattan spoke, a hashtag titled “Mohammed bin Salman” was published on the communication sites in Egypt, and some tweets carried a scathing attack on the Saudi crown prince, while some questioned the absence of the Egyptian response, considering it a pinch of permission for the Egyptian president, who did not denounce the CIA report. He revealed bin Salman’s involvement in the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in 2018.

Bin Salman annoyed Al-Sisi for not rejecting the American report

Some of the tweeters considered the Saudi minister’s words upset that Egypt did not denounce the US report on Khashoggi’s assassination, which publicly accused Mohammed bin Salman of being involved in the case.

Hassan Abdul Rahman tweeted, saying: “The conversation, which carried many messages loaded with negative connotations, raised estimates that there is a crisis between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, one of the reasons for which, according to some opinions, Egypt’s silence about the condemnation of the American intelligence report accusing # Muhammad_Ben_Salman of responsibility On the assassination of # Khashoggi, in exchange for condemnation by several countries.

Al-Dokr ™ said: “Al-Qattan’s talk about Tiran and Sanafir and the 2012 elections is a message of revenge from Al-Sisi after he asked them to pay reconciliation and registration fees for the two islands .. in the real estate month …”

“fαtℳα” she said: “One week ago Mustafa Bakri came up and said Mubarak was the one who handed over Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, and Alaa Mubarak responded to him. What he feels that the chair is leaving from him will hit Al-Sisi. ”

Attack on bin Salman:

“Jamal Al-Saidi 2” said, “We did not see signs of joy from the Saudi people when Tiran and Sanafir joined them, because they know that they usurped it at a low price, and it will not continue in their possession for a little while.”

An attack on Sisi and demands for a trial by Saudi Arabia, Tiran and Sanafir

Hajj Ashraf Abu Khabar, a former member of the Egyptian Shura Council commented, saying: “The statements of Saudi Minister Ahmed Al-Qattan about Tiran and Sanafir, evidence of his betrayal elites who are the leaders of the imposed scene, are brought to trial. ”

“Yafa_palst” said: “Morsi was prosecuted for crimes that have no basis in health, and when # Al-Qattan_ shaming_ Al-Sisi, and he said that Mubarak refused to hand over the islands, and that Al-Sisi handed over Tiran and Sanafir without a right point, no goat has spoken.”

It is noteworthy that Tiran and Sanafir are two islands located at the entrance to the Strait of Tiran, which separates the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea, and they are in the midst of their transition from dependency to Egypt to become Saudi Arabia based on the agreement on defining the maritime borders signed between the Egyptian regime and the Al Saud regime on April 8, 2016, which recognized the dependence of the two islands For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is in parallel with a widespread debate about sovereignty over the two islands between the two countries and a popular opposition in the Egyptian street and before the judiciary.


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