Al Hilal Saudi tightens the screws on the leading youth


Days before his difficult match on Wednesday with Al-Ittihad III, who are seven points behind them after their deserved victory over Al-Wahda 4-2 on Friday, lost. Young Two points in his fight for the title and became just three ahead of his direct chase Al-Hilal.

Al Shabab was even on its way to receiving a fourth defeat of the season after trailing by Qadisiyah With a goal scored by Nigerian Stanley Ohwuchi in the 44th minute, Turki Al-Ammar saved him by equalizing in the first minute of stoppage time (1 + 90).

The young player sighed Hassan Timbukti On this result, “we were aspiring to achieve the three points. We will forget this match and think about the next confrontation. We entered the second half with more determination and persistence than the first, and a point was better than nothing.”

For his part, Al-Qadisiyah goalkeeper Faisal Masrahi admitted that retreating to defense in the second half cost his team winning points, saying, “We exaggerated the return in the second half, and from a mistake in the last minutes, Al Shabab benefited from it and managed to equalize.”

On his part, he skipped Crescent moon Its guest leader, with a difficult victory, achieved by two goals by Yasser Al-Shahrani (56) and Salem Al-Dossary (90 + 3), compared to a goal by Moroccan Karim El-Berkaoui (69 from a penalty kick).

Al-Hilal was affected by the numerical shortage in its ranks since the 64th minute, after its defender Ali Al-Blaihi was sent off with the red card as a result of causing the penalty kick from which the guests’ equalizer came.

But he overcame the numerical shortfall and snatched the deadly victory at the time by Al-Dossary after a fatal mistake by Major Ezz El-Din Dokha’s goalkeeper, who grabbed the ball and then entered his goal (90 + 3).

A positive tie was overshadowed by the confrontation of the agreement and victory with a goal by Moroccan Walid Azzaro (3) against a goal by Abd al-Ilah al-Omari (58).

The agreement raised its score to 31 points in sixth place, while Al-Nasr raised its score to 30 points in seventh place.

The agreement completed the match with ten players after the referee declared Yellow Card The second is for Ali Hazazi (27).

Azaro said, “The match witnessed many variables, and early dismissal was difficult for us to meet without a doubt, and thus we got a point that was better than leaving empty-handed.”

Al Ittihad won a big victory over its guest Al Wahda 4-2, in a match in which Brazilian champion Romarinho scored a hat-trick (52, 72 and 90).

Fahd Al-Mawled added Al-Ittihad’s other goal (66), while Hernani Santos from Cape Verde scored Al-Wehda goals (74 and 84).

Al-Ittihad raised its score to 38 points in third place, while Al-Wehdah’s balance stuck at 27 points in twelfth place.

Al-Fath entered the tunnel of complex accounts, after receiving the third consecutive loss, and this time in front of its host Abha 1-2.

She scored for her Tunisian father, Saad Bekir (33) and the Swedish Carlos Strandberg (78), and for the Dutch conquest, Michel T. Freddy (90).

Abha raised his score to 28 points in eleventh place, while Al-Fateh remained 25 points in its previous tally in fourteenth place.

Al-Ain tied with Al-Faisali with a goal by Amadou Mutari from Niger (15), against a goal by Brazilian Guillerme Augusto (38).

With this result, Al Ain raised its score to 16 points to remain in last place, while Al-Faisaly raised its score to 30 points in eighth place.


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