Al-Hilal refused and apologized for the presidency of Al-Nasr .. How did Khaled Al-Baltan enter Saudi sports?


Learn about Khaled Al-Baltan’s history in Saudi sports

Khaled Al-Baltan, President of Al-Shabab Club, became the most controversial figure during the past few days in Saudi sports, after his recent crisis with Al-Nasr Club, and the latter’s officials accusing him of racism against his team’s player Sebastiao de Freitas during the last confrontation that brought them together, who is Khaled Al-Baltan and how did he enter the world of sports Saudi?

And the Ministry of Sports recently took a decision to prevent Al-Baltan from heading the youth for a period of two months, in addition to preventing him from accompanying the team and being in his club throughout the sentence, after it became clear that his accusations against Al-Nasr officials were unfounded.

Al-Baltan has a great history in the fields of investment and sports, until he was able to lead the youth to safety, after the team had been suffering in recent years, to become now the leader of the Saudi Professional League, surpassing all of his rivals, on top of them Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr.

In the following lines, we review the most prominent milestones in the history of Khaled Al-Baltan and his entry into the world of sports.

Real estate takes away from studying

Khaled Al-Baltan began his way to invest early when he was in high school, as his father put all his hopes in him, after giving him a legitimate agency to buy and sell, and he was going well as he achieved many successes in the field of real estate.

He was doing well in his studies, starting with elementary, middle and high school, and after that he joined Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, specializing in the study of libraries and information.

Khaled Al-Baltan did not continue his studies, as he stopped it after reaching the sixth year at the university, due to the successes and achievements he had achieved in the field of investments and real estate.

His entry into the world of sports

His start in the world of Saudi sports was at the end of the nineties, when he was supportive of Al-Nasr Club, which offered him many awards and lands, according to Fahd Al-Tukhaim, an honorary member of Al-Nasr Club in 2007.

Al-Tukhaim confirmed that Al-Baltan presented prizes to Al-Nasr players in 1998, including a plot of land that Mohsen Al-Harithi personally received through him, and since that date he has supported Al-Nasr Club.

The medical committee gives Al-Nassr an opportunity to register a new foreign player

His apology for the presidency of victory

Khaled Al-Baltan revealed in a previous interview that he was very close to assuming the presidency of Al-Nasr Club, after he had agreed on everything with Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud, but he backed away at the last moments.

Al-Baltan indicated his lack of comfort and unwillingness to assume this position, which caused him to withdraw from the agreement that was made, sending a letter of apology, accompanied by a financial check in support of the club, to visit Prince Abdul Rahman at his home because he felt that it caused him embarrassment.

He was rejected by the Presidency of the Crescent

Al-Baltan indicated, during press statements, that the presidency of Al-Hilal Club was offered to him twice, after the resignation of Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, but he refused, because of what he presented with the youth club.

Al-Baltan pointed out that his refusal to preside over Al-Hilal came because of the glory industry with the Al-Shabab club, and its association with his name and history, so it was difficult for him to head another club.

His date with the youth club

Khaled Al-Baltan assumed the presidency of the youth club from 20105 to 2014, before the Ministry of Sports reassigned him to head the youth club again on September 11, 2018, to remain president of the club until now.

Al-Baltan led Al-Shabab Club to crown the Saudi League championship twice in 2006 and 2007, in addition to the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Cup in 2008, 2009 and 2011, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup 3 times in 2007, 2009 and 2014, the Gulf Cup for Clubs, and the League Champion for Arab Champions Two seasons, and the 2001 Asian Cup Winners’ Cup.

Al-Baltan leads Al-Shabab club in a wonderful way, as the team leads the Saudi League, and is moving steadily towards achieving the title this season.


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