Ahmed Zaher’s family shines in their last appearance together .. and their followers: Gamarat .. Pictures


Artist Ahmed Zahir’s family gathered together in their most recent appearance, through two pictures that witnessed the presence of the artist Laila Ahmed Zahir and her sister Malak with their father, and the pictures were not only limited to them, but also included their mother as it appeared during the pictures published by Malak Zahir through her official account on Instagram.

Ahmed Zaher's family
Ahmed Zaher’s family in the latest appearance

And as soon as the king of pictures was published, comments from her followers flooded her, as happened with the artist Rogina, who expressed her admiration for the pictures through more than one emotion.

Ahmed Zaher's family on Instagram
Ahmed Zaher’s family on Instagram

In addition to the artist Mai Kassab, who wrote describing them in the pictures: “Our Lord bless you,” the artist Ahmed Zahir also commented on the pictures and wrote the word first in English, referring to Malik publishing the pictures through her account first before all of them.

Ahmed Zaher comments to his daughter
Ahmed Zaher comments to his daughter

The young artist, Laila Ahmed Zahir, recently topped the Google Trend after publishing pictures from the wedding of Dina Dash, his brother, artist Ahmed Dash, and Laila appeared with a very elegant and beautiful look that caught her eye, and Laila also posted a picture through the Story feature on her Instagram account, with his mother Dina Dash from the wedding.

Malak Ahmed Zahir on Instagram
Malik Ahmed Zaher publishes the photos on Instagram

On the other hand, and during exclusive statements to the Seventh Day website, the star Ahmed Zahir confirmed that he did not nominate his daughter Malak to participate in the movie “Fares” in which Zahir is playing his first absolute heroism in the world of cinema, explaining that director Raouf Abdel Aziz is the one who chose her to embody the role of his sister in the film, especially because of the existence of He likened them very much, pointing out that despite the small area of ​​the role that it offers, he is optimistic about its appearance in a distinctive way, wishing it success.


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