Ahmed Salah Hosni: I was keen to present a new character in “Al-Daira”, different from what I previously presented


The star Ahmed Salah Hosni said, on the program “One of the People” with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi, that when he sat with Hossam Shawky, the artistic producer of the series “The Circle”, they agreed to present a different series and a new character from what he presented in the series “Khatem Al-Nimr”, and ” The bully, “Hosni added that he suggested to him the idea of ​​a psychiatrist, an idea that Hosni is very excited about.

On the other hand, the star Ahmed Salah Hosni revealed the details of the psychiatrist’s personality that he presents in the events of the series “The Circle”, indicating that he sat with a number of psychiatrists to master the character and present it naturally, and he enters the scenes of psychological problems, so he sat from more than one doctor to reach personal details Psychologist in the series “Al-Daira”.

Ahmed Salah Hosni added that he had never gone to a psychiatrist before, and that he always treated his psychological pressures with serious work, saying: “After I sat with psychiatrists, I discovered that I was treating myself with my own because the doctor said that I am not a magician. The beginning must be with you.”

Ahmed Salah Hosni indicated that he was happy to collaborate for the second time with author Mohamed Abdel Moati and director Ahmed Samir Farag, after the series “The Tiger” revealed the scenes of his early retirement in football despite his talent and playing football at Al-Ahly club, and his experience of composing for the great singers, including Amr Diab and Hamaki Sherine and others.

The series “Al-Daira”, which belongs to the type of works of 45 episodes, is produced by Synergy Company, written by Mohamed Abdel Moati, directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, and starring Ahmed Salah Hosni, Iman Al-Assi, May El-Qady, Muhammad Alaa, Islam Jamal, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Ahmed Jamal Saeed, Donia Al-Masry, Amani Kamal, Maha Abu Auf, Mahmoud Hafez.


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