Ahmed Murad’s novels, such as Taameya, are delicious but useless (dialogue)


Sunday 21st March 2021 02:45 AM

The writer Ahmed MouradThe writer Ahmed Mourad

Writer Ahmed Murad sparked controversy by launching his latest initiative, “A New One,” with the participation of artist Ruby and artist Majid Al-Kadwani. Opinions were divided about his literature to present cultural initiatives to society.

In his dialogue with Al-Dustour, the writer Ahmed Al-Khamisi describes the phenomenon of Ahmed Murad as an extension of “commercial literature”, and not an extension of Naguib Mahfouz’s literature as some have promoted.

And to the text of the dialogue:

After the publication of Ahmed Murad’s latest novels and their sales and winning the Excellence Award, some believe that he is the greatest novelist on the scene now .. What do you think?

The whole world contains consumer commercial literature, and in the days of Naguib Mahfouz himself, that literature existed, and Naguib used to distribute one thousand five hundred copies, and Aziz Armenian distributed three thousand, and sometimes ten thousand copies, and were sold upon their release, and even turned into cinematic films, such as the novel “Take my shame”. This literature is not only here, but also exists in the whole world, such as the Stephen King novels and the Harry Potter series, so Ahmed Murad is an extension of commercial literature and not another literature.

Do you not agree with those who see Ahmed Murad as an extension to the development of Naguib Mahfouz’s literature?

Ahmed Murad’s relationship with Naguib Mahfouz does not exist as an extension or development, whom you can actually describe as having developed the literature of Naguib Mahfouz. They are writers such as Ibrahim Abdel-Majid, Bahaa Taher and Muhammad Al-Basati, but those who promote this talk try to impose the principle of the market: “What promotes is the best.” No, literature is not like that .. In literature there are difficulties in popularity and spread, and the great greats of literature used to publish with difficulty and were even rejected many times, and all the time good literature was not in vogue, but commercial literature, horror literature, superstitions and aliens, so the uniforms of ice cream and falafel tasted delicious. It is useless.

But why not consider sales, and Murad sells hundreds of editions of his novels?

Literature is not like that, literature is how much enjoyment, benefit and benefit you innovate.

Does your statement mean that the fate of Murad’s novels will end with time?

I know that what he writes in this context now, I don’t know the future, and even if it continues, this does not deny that he writes for fun. Agatha Christie, who writes games that the public loves but does not classify literature, can make a chair out of beech that lives for 300 years. Is this literature .

Some say that Ahmed Murad is Naguib Mahfouz Al-Asr, so do you see that as well?

Naguib Mahfouz is a literary, moral and human legend, and whoever compares Ahmed Murad to Naguib Mahfouz must be taking a high class that makes him say this, and that reminds me of the joke that was telling about one of the leaders who was wandering and met someone who drank hashish and drank with him, and when the hashish asked him about his identity and told him He is a president of a republic, and here the Hashash laughed and said, “That is from the first breath.” People are unaware that we answer, not just writing that opened a horizon for Arab culture that they had never dreamed of before the opening of the global market. I myself when someone describes me as the great writer. And, the strange thing is that Ahmed Murad had a statement that Naguib Mahfouz’s novels are not suitable for cinema, and I like to tell him, Murad, you do not even understand in the cinema until you say this.

Source : World news: Al-Khamisi: Ahmed Murad’s novels like Al-Taameya are delicious but useless (dialogue)


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