Ahmed Daoud and his wife Ola Rushdie celebrate their son’s birthday


Actress Ola Rushdie revealed that she celebrated with her husband Ahmed Daoud on the birthday of their son, where she shared her followers through her official account on the Instagram website with a picture of their family together during their most recent photo, and wrote in her comment: “By God, I love you with death and I love Pisces.”

As soon as Ola Rushdie published the photo, comments flooded them from her Instagram followers who were keen to congratulate her on that occasion.

Ahmed Dawood family
Ahmed Dawood family

On the other hand, the duo Ahmed Dawood and Ola Rushdie were previously dissolved together on the program “Her Excellency”, with the media, Asaad Yunus, and the artist Ahmed Daoud said that in the choices of his artistic works, he always shares the opinion of his wife, but if the role is good, he chooses and informs her, saying: ” I will do the role of that, and in the series B 100 Wesh for Nelly Karim, Ola’s role was in the character of Magi, who is very sweet, and the scene he loved most was with “Sebaa”, so they were a wonderful comic and cable deto.

Ahmed Daoud family in their latest photo
Ahmed Daoud family in their latest photo

As for Ola Rushdie, she said: Yusef’s character in the series “Aho Da Elly Sarr” by the artist Robi is one of the characters she loves most, adding that he is very romantic in acting, but on the truth he is not romantic, a natural person “not confused”, and the same thing Daoud said laughing: “Ola is not romantic, not bent … and we are more practical.”

Daoud continued that his character in the movie “Wlad Rizk”, of the star Ahmed Ezz, loves her very much, especially the scene of the investigation with Khaled Al-Sawy, and during the special show the audience applauded me and said, “Rigid, David.” I felt happy and my energy always took it from the location.


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