Ahmed Al Salem publishes his divorce document from Queen Kabuli


05:26 PM

Thursday 04 March 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Jyoushi:

Although several months have passed since he announced the separation, the news of the divorce of Kuwaiti blogger Ahmed Al-Salem and his Saudi wife, Malika Kabuli, sparked controversy again after “Al-Salem” published their divorce document.

Al-Salem published a photo of the divorce document through his account on the Snapchat website, and wrote: “Praise be to God for everything. May God compensate me and make good on it.”

The famous couple had stirred up controversy after critic Yasser Al-Faisal accused her of fabricating and publishing false news about their separation from time to time, so that Al-Salem responded by publishing the divorce document.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Al-Salem and Queen Kabuli announced their marriage in 2019, and after a while, “Kabul” accused him of betraying her, which Al-Salem denied.


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