After Zidane intervened … Quattro: Real Madrid makes a new offer for Ramos


The Spanish satellite “Quattro” revealed that Nadi real Madrid, Made a new offer to captain Sergio Ramos, whose contract is nearing the end, this season.

Ramos has a contract with Real Madrid, which expires at the end of the current season, on June 30, 2021, but the captain of Los Blancos has not yet reached an agreement with officials within the royal club.

Ramos ‘crisis is represented in the club’s desire to reduce Ramos’ salary, by two million euros, as the Spanish star receives 12 million euros, while Real Madrid wants to renew him for 10 million euros, which is rejected by the royal club captain.

The Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, called for a solution to Ramos’ crisis, and personally intervened in order for him to sign a new contract (See more details).

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According to the satellite channel, the talks between Ramos and Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, were not interrupted, but no agreement was reached despite Zidane’s insistence.

The network said that Real Madrid is thinking of a new strategy with Ramos, as he made an offer to Ramos that includes getting himself his salary, but that he signs a contract for only one season.

She indicated that Real Madrid’s offer of this would make the entire club focus on sporting goals, and thus avoid losing Ramos This season, the club intends next season to offer an improved salary to Ramos, when the economic situation gets better.

The network explained that the change in Real Madrid’s strategy is a result of Zidane’s insistence, who wants Ramos to continue, and believes that it is the key to his future on the bench with the Royal Club next season.


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