After their separation and disagreement .. Abdullah Al-Sadhan sends a letter of reproach to Nasser Al-Qasabi


After more than 10 years of disagreement and artistic separation, since their cooperation in the comedy seriesTash Ma TashThe Saudi representative directedAbdullah Al-SadhanReproach letter to his fellow actorNasser Al-Qasabi, Accompanied by an influential song by the Saudi artistRashid Al MajidFrom the series “AsoufHer words say, “Kalash has changed and turned, and no longer resemble ourselves,” and the video, which was circulated on social media, included clips of their old works.
Al-Sadhan commented on the video, saying: “By God, then by God, I love you.
In turn, Al-Qasabi has not responded to Al-Sadhan’s message so far, and some observers have justified this by not being active recently on social networking sites, and they believe that he has not seen the Al-Sadhan message yet, and we hope that reconciliation between them will take place soon.
The relationship of Al-Qasabi and Al-Sadhan had gone through many turns, and reached the courts, as the details of the case began in 2012 against the background of their technical separation, when Al-Qasabi asked Al-Sadhan before heading to the Commercial Court in Riyadh to end the partnership between them amicably and not escalate to the judiciary. The idea, or rather he was looking for solutions to prevent the separation, prompted Al-Qasabi to settle matters in court.


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