After the killing of an Egyptian worker at the hands of a Saudi … the people of his village: he was supporting his family and we are waiting for retribution


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The Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad announced that an Egyptian worker, Ashri Muhammad Hassan, 37 years old, a worker, from the village of Awlad El Sheikh in the Maghagha district in Minya, was shot dead after a gunshot accident and the injury of his nephew, Hussein Sami Muhammad Hassan, 25 years old, worker. Due to disagreements with a Saudi citizen, over the transportation of a load of vegetables, in the Al Owais market area in Riyadh.

Ambassador Nabila Makram Ebeid, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, confirmed that he had contacted the Egyptian embassy and consulate in Riyadh to follow up the investigations into the incident, after the accused was arrested.

In a related context, Ashraf Salah Siddiq, a relative of the victim, said that the initial medical report of the victim was obtained, issued by Dallah Hospital, about the arrival of the victim at 2 pm, to the hospital emergency after he was shot by the Red Crescent with the heart and breathing stopped 5 days ago. Minutes according to the testimony of the Red Crescent.

The report included the male who had no pulse and breathing, and attempts were made to bronchopulmonary resuscitation, and he was given cardiac resuscitation drugs but without response.

And by physical examination it was found that there were 5 shots, the first is above the left nipple, the second is under the right nipple, closer to the armpit, the third is under the right shoulder blade, and the fourth is above the shoulder and may be an exit hole, and the fifth is in the upper front side of the left thigh, and the patient did not respond to attempts to resuscitate and die at 2 pm And 27 minutes.

Meanwhile, the village of the Sheikh’s sons, east of the Nile, in Maghagha district, north of Minya, announced a state of grief for the family of the victim, and the people of the village. Confirming his knowledge of the accident a few minutes after it occurred, due to the presence of a large number of village residents working in Saudi Arabia.

Hajj Karim Abdul Rahman, brother of the victim’s mother, said that his brother’s son works in Saudi Arabia 11 months ago, and that he used to travel to work abroad for the past 15 years, and that he is of good manners and strives to provide the living expenses for his family, demanding just punishment for the son of his sister.

Hajj Karim added that the victim had left a family of 4 consisting of the wife «Sabah – 30 years old», and the sons Muhammad, 16 years old, a student in high school, Ibrahim, 13 years old, a student of middle school, and Saeed, 10 years old, a student of primary school .

As for Ashraf Salah Siddiq, one of the relatives of the victim, it was communicated with the villagers working in the region in Saudi Arabia, and the initial medical report was found, and legal measures were taken. Confirming that the second patient recovered and the state of health was stable.

While the people of the village are awaiting the completion of the burial procedures, and the transfer of the body of the victim, to Egyptian territory, to bury his body in his hometown in the village.

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