After the end of the second surgery … Houria Farghali to “He”: “The doctor shocked me”


Cairo – Nourhan Talaat

  Tuesday, 02 March 2021 - 17:25    </span>

Yesterday, Monday, the artist Houria Farghali completed the second surgery, which the treating doctor decided to perform on time, after she recovered from the effects of the first surgery, which she performed in the middle of last month.

Houria Farghali reveals to “He” the details of her second surgery on her nose

A few hours after she was discharged from the operating room, Houria Farghali said in exclusive statements to “He” that the second operation was more difficult and affected her than the first operation. The great pain she feels, and she is currently in the hotel in which she is staying, and she only stayed in the hospital for a few hours, due to doctors’ fear of transmitting Corona infection to any patient.

Houria Farghali talks about the detailing of her second operation in an exclusive conversation with she

She added that Hourieh said in a special statement to “He” that the doctor spoke with her about the details of what happened in this operation, and said that the doctors team removed fat from the thigh area, opened the head, and removed cartilage from it, so that they could restore the nasal bones again.

And she indicated that she was subjected to great trauma after the doctor spoke to her, by performing the third surgery after 20 days, due to the need for her to take medicines for her condition and antibiotics, until she recovered, and that he would perform two surgeries, not just one, because of the difficulty of her condition, which requires two operations until She returns to her normal condition and shape again, and the doctor warned her not to lie down or sleep on one of her sides, because this would be dangerous for the surgery, and the need to sleep on the back only during this period.

Houria expressed her deep sadness for staying more time in Chicago, as she was hoping for the end of the third operation as soon as possible, so that she could return to Cairo quickly.

Houria Farghali expresses her grief because of the rumor of her death

Houria Farghali called on everyone, through “She”, to ensure accuracy in all the news that is published about her, which deals with her condition and her health status, given her severe annoyance at the circulation of false news and the videos that recently indicated about the deterioration of her health and death, which afflicted her and seriously disturbed her family when It has been circulated, and she confirms that she is in good health, just waiting for the completion of the surgeries and recovering to go home again.


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