After the confusion between the supporters of “socialism” and “monotheism” … statements of condemnation for not harming civil peace


The following statement was issued by the Chouf internal agency in the Progressive Socialist Party:”The internal agency of the Chouf in the Progressive Socialist Party strongly condemns the painful incident that took place in the town of Kfarhim Al-Shouf, with the breach of security it constitutes that led to the occurrence of a number of wounded, for whom we ask for a speedy recovery.

Emphasizing the total rejection of any harm to the security of citizens and civil peace that remains above any consideration, an internal agency of Al-Shouf demands the army and security forces to arrest the perpetrators of whichever party they belong to, and to uncover the circumstances of the incident so that the law takes its course, for everyone is under the roof of the law, and there is no umbrella over the head One “.

Earlier, the media secretariat of the Arab Tawhid Party issued the following statement:The head of the Arab Tawhid Party, Wiam Wahhab, contacted the President of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, during which they emphasized the free hand of the Lebanese army in dealing with the Kfarhim incident, in which a number of wounded were killed.

It was also emphasized that the security of the mountain and its people is a red line, and it is forbidden for anyone to tamper with it, and the cover is lifted from everyone.In a statement issued by the Media Secretariat, the “Arab Tawhid” party also denounced “the unfortunate incident that took place in the town of Kfarhim Al-Shoufia, which resulted in a number of wounded, and affirms that it does not cover any individual who participated in the accident.”

He called on “the army and the security forces to act as they see fit in order to preserve the security of the mountain, and we also confirm our coordination with all the forces in the mountain, especially the Progressive Socialist Party, not to repeat such events, wishing for a speedy recovery for the wounded and confirming that the security of our people on the mountain is above all consideration.”

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, there were forms of shooting between supporters of the Progressive Socialist Party, and others of the Arab Tawhid Party, in the town of Kfarhim Al-Shoufia.

According to the information, the problem resulted in the fall of a number of the wounded, and it was reported that the problem occurred on the background of clashing and a dispute over the preference for traffic between two cars containing young men from both parties, not against a party background.


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