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The Pentagon announced that Washington would not hesitate to “respond to the Ain al-Assad base attack after the investigation is over.

The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced in a press briefing, on Wednesday, that it might be compelled to “deploy additional forces to Iraq.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Washington would not hesitate to “respond to the Ain al-Assad attack after the investigation is over.”

Kirby revealed that America is investigating with Iraq “the party behind the attack on the Ain al-Assad base.”

For its part, the White House said on Wednesday evening that it was still assessing the impact of the recent missile attack in Iraq, stressing that it would act again if the assessment concluded that the response to the missile attack was necessary.

The Pentagon said, earlier on Wednesday, that a US civilian contractor had died of a heart attack while sheltering from missiles fired at a base in Iraq.
“We cannot determine responsibility at this time, and we do not have a full estimate of the extent of the damage,” said ministry spokesman Kirby in a statement.
Kirby added that the defense systems of Ain Al-Asad Air Base have been used, and that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is following the situation closely.

An American contractor was killed
This comes after the Pentagon announced that the civilian contractor who was killed during the missile attack on the “Ain Al-Asad base”, which includes American soldiers in western Iraq, on Wednesday, was an American citizen.

In a statement, the Pentagon said, “There are no reports at present of US military casualties. Everyone is present. An American civilian contractor suffered a heart attack while he was in hiding, and died, unfortunately, shortly thereafter.”

After last week’s strikes, in response to similar missile strikes, the White House said US President Joe Biden was determined to “act to protect Americans” from such threats.

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