After the “12” … the Jeddah Corniche was opened to its visitors – Saudi Arabia News


The Jeddah Governorate Municipality stressed that the precautionary measures must be implemented in the Jeddah Corniche, which will witness after midnight allowing visitors to sit and enjoy all its facilities.

The Jeddah Municipality confirmed the opening of the Corniche to its users, in light of the decision not to extend the precautionary measures contained in the decisions to stop all entertainment activities and events. The secretariat alerted the precautionary measures to spacing and wearing a muzzle.

And the 24th of Jumada al-Akhira witnessed the decision to close the Corniche for hours, before the waterfronts were reopened again, but only partially.

The decision at the time included 3 conditions for visiting the Corniche, which are: allowing vehicles to enter to pass only without stopping, prohibiting sitting, bedding and waiting, and allowing the practice of walking and cycling sports in accordance with precautionary measures.


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