After Muhammad Ramadan was accused of theft … this is what the legal documents revealed


Coinciding with the release of the song of the Egyptian star, Mohamed Ramadan, “The Hero”, to be published today, Wednesday, 3 March, on his YouTube platform, after the great controversy that occurred following the emergence of some allegations about the theft of the song, he revealed a surprise in the documents That prove ownership of the artwork.

The director of the works of the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, and the supervisor of the presentation of the song “The Hero”, Osama Joker, confirmed yesterday that what is happening is “an attempt by a festivals performer to gain fame at the expense of the artist Mohamed Ramadan.”

In exclusive statements to Al-Masrawy, the Joker noted that he was from the beginning responsible for presenting the song and that he was the one who undertook the completion of the legal and official procedures that “confirm his (Muhammad Ramadan) entitlement to launch it.”

The Joker indicated that Ramadan did not communicate with the performer and did not know him at all, and he said, “What happened to me about my admiration for the song that I submitted 3 years ago, I searched for the owners of its rights to consult about the possibility of using it to get more fame, and when (Abu Asala) heard about it, Try to procrastinate to get large sums of money ”.

The director of the works of the Egyptian star added: “(Abu Asala) claimed that he had concessions from its author and composer (Kalusha Al-Fanar), and upon communicating with the author, he denied the validity of this statement.”

The Joker noted that he contacted the director of the song-producing “Channels” company, Khaled Jamal, and that he obtained all the concessions related to it, and the rights to present and officially document it in the works.

A spokesman for Muhammad Ramadan revealed a surprise that exists among the documents that he owns and said: “The surprise here is that among them (documents), Mahraganat performer Abu Asala gave up the vocal performance of the song for life, and his signature affirmation states that he has absolutely no right to interfere in the company’s plan to market The festival or selling it to others.

And the Joker noted that all steps to obtain the song were completed and legally documented before the start of Ramadan, thinking about presenting it to the public 3 months ago.

On his account on the “Instagram” site, Muhammad Ramadan published an audio clip of his new song “Ramadan”, which carries lyrics in which he praises himself and challenges others, announcing that he will release it on Wednesday.

He wrote: “Our date, God willing, March 3, on my official YouTube channel, Ramadan’s song .. Trust in God is success.”

However, as soon as Muhammad Ramadan published the teaser for his new song, mahraganat singer Youssef Abdel Qader, known as “Abu Asala” appeared, accusing Ramadan of stealing the song.

“Abu Asala” said in a video clip that Muhammad Ramadan stole the “Al-Batal” festival that he presented 3 years ago. According to “Masrawy” website.


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