Advantage or disadvantage? .. Twitter will not remain completely free after “Super Falls”


And the company declared “TwitterIn an official statement, the feature called “Super Follows” or “Super Followers” allows Twitter users to collect money for an additional and exclusive dose of the content provided.

A company spokesperson explained that exploring Twitter funding opportunities such as the “Super Follows” feature provides creators and publishers with direct support from their audience, and motivates them to continue creating content Their fans love him.

Additional content may include additional Tweets, videos, reaching a community group, or subscribing to a newsletter.

And in a mockup screenshot, Twitter showed an example of Super Follows, where he charges the user $ 4.99 per month for a series of perks.

Platform war

Information systems expert, Engineer Mustafa Abu Jamra, told Sky News Arabia that Twitter’s exploration of new opportunities for financing and maximizing profits is part of the “war between platforms” and “keeping up with the rapid technological changes” to attract more users.

As for the digital media expert, Ahmed Esmat, he believes that “our evaluation of any new decisions or characteristics issued by social media requires a correct and accurate understanding of the nature of the work of these institutions, as they are not charitable societies but companies that seek profit first and foremost and above all considerations, and then searches for For new sources of financing and the accumulation of profits.

Direct payment tools have become increasingly important to content makers, especially in recent years.

The ability of users to charge followers to access additional content is the most fundamental change that has occurred on Twitter in recent years, but it also fits with popular and successful models on other social platforms.

Platforms like Patreon, Facebook, YouTube, and GitHub have been hugely successful with direct payment features for content creators.

Find funding

The launch of the step, which is currently being tried, came as part of Twitter’s efforts to search for new sources of funding, as part of its plan to increase its revenues to $ 7.5 billion by 2023.

The network of Tweets that an average of 192 million users visit daily seeks to convince the market of its ability to attract more users and diversify its revenues.

The share of “Twitter” is only 0.9 percent of the global digital advertising market, while the share of “Google” is 30 percent and “Facebook” 24 percent, according to eMarketer.

The plan represents a major shift in a service that has always been free, which prompted some users to criticize the move as a “defect” rather than a “advantage”.

The extent of the impact

The answer to the question of the extent to which Twitter users are affected by such a step, which is to be implemented in the coming months, requires a careful analysis of the number of users, from which country they descend, to what category they belong to and at what economic level they live, according to the statement of the digital media expert, Ahmed Esmat, to Sky Arab News, “citing an example in the Arab region, which he considers” electronically heterogeneous societies .. you find in Egypt, for example, Facebook is the most widespread, while in the Gulf, Twitter and Tik Tok are the most prominent. “

Information systems expert, Mustafa Abu Jamra, believes that it is “difficult to anticipate the reaction of users to this new feature,” citing an example from the reality of Twitter itself: “With the beginning of the emergence of Twitter, we did not know that the user will be in this urgent need for micro-blogging.” .

But he believes that “Arab countries do not succeed in subscriptions to social media in any case, as their users are accustomed to the free service.”

Meanwhile, the digital media expert does not expect “Super Follows” to make a major change in the numbers of Twitter users in the world.

This opinion is supported by an expert in information systems, explaining: “Twitter has passed the stage of any risk of users reluctance to it for any reason whatsoever, but that users are addicted to interacting with it and engaging with trends.”

It is expected that “Super Follows” will go into effect later this year, and subscribers will pay a monthly subscription for this content that may reach $ 5.

It is expected that additional details of this new product will be announced in the coming months.

An information systems expert believes that “Super Follows”: “will create an organization and pollination of the content that the user receives, given that he himself chooses.”


The digital media expert believes that the application of the “Super Follows” feature may reflect greatly on media and press organizations, explaining: “For the user, he will only pay money for good press material, which creates a choice between the chaff and the chaff, and forcing the institutions to a different type of journalism.” And the media, relies on interpretation and more in-depth presentation, which improves press and media service and is in the interest of the user, the reader. “

At the same time, it is believed that it “may limit the spread of information and affect freedom of expression because it does not provide equal opportunities for all to obtain information.”


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