“Adonis” releases 11 songs from her fifth album “Enemies”


The Lebanese band celebrates Adonis On her tenth birthday, through a new lyrical breakthrough in the musical form of her artistic career, coinciding with the release of her new album “Enemies”.

The album included 11 songs, each carrying a different story, including “Al-Atti greatest”, “Menou Entta” and “Maharama”, in addition to the video clip of the album’s main song and a song with the participation of singer Dana Hourani.

Anthony Khoury, the band’s singer and songwriter, reveals that the album tells a story of love between two imaginary characters, between whom feelings of love grow and the plot of the story develops from one song to another, until their separation and the direction of each of them on the path of his life.

The Adonis Quadruple Journey Team includes: Anthony Khoury, Joy Abu Joudeh, Nicolas Hakim and Jio Vicani.


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