Actress Nadia Al-Iraqi continues to spark controversy with her statements in Egypt



Actress Nadia Al-Iraqi continues to spark controversy with her statements in Egypt


The artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, revealed that she has been exposed for some time to strange situations regarding her work as an artist that exposes her to embarrassment and makes her apologize for her work.

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Egypt .. the Iraqi actress Nadia raises controversy in Ali's post

She explained in statements to the Egyptian “Al-Watan” website that the last of these stances was in the movie “The Secret Men’s Club.”

She said, “One day a phone came to me to go to the movie (Secret Men’s Club), and I thought this phone was to participate in the work, but I was surprised that they asked me to go to Casting.”

And she continued: “After working 20 years, they talk to me so that I can go to the casting, and as if I am still in the acting new, and bad treatment, I could not bear and left the place and left.”

She also denounced the rumor of her recent death, which was circulated on social media, as she was surprised at the spread of such news, although she is in good health, and explained that she was “asleep at the time these rumors spread, and when she woke up, she was surprised by many contacts.”

And the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, had sparked controversy in Egypt with a number of posts on “Facebook”, in which she criticized the media, for ignoring the death of the artist Ahlam Al-Gretli, and wrote, “To death, there is a super star and a star .. what injustice this .. the channels answer videos of the late Youssef Shaaban,” And there is no single video about the late Ahlam Al-Gretli, who said her 35 years of giving, a serious shame on them .. and whoever goes to the superstar is necessary, even if the dead, the superstar or his grandmother .. there is no justice even in death .. but justice is in the grave and in the hereafter. She delayed it as an art, as Ahlam said, meter by meter.

Source: Al Watan


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