Abu Raida detonates a surprise for stopping Murtaza Mansour


Hani Abu Raida, a member of FIFA’s executive office, blew a surprise about the decision to suspend the Zamalek club board headed by Mortada Mansour, which was issued a few months ago.

Abu Raida indicated during televised statements that he was not satisfied with the decision issued by the Olympic Committee to suspend Mortada Mansour and his board of directors, explaining that he considered it a strange and incomprehensible decision.

He explained that FIFA is not concerned with such issues, noting that there was a similar incident that took place in Tunisia, and the International Federation confirmed that these issues are not within its competence.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Olympic Committee had issued a decision to suspend Murtaza Mansour, weeks before the Ministry of Youth and Sports completely dissolved the Zamalek Council due to financial irregularities monitored by a committee commissioned by the ministry.


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