Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority: A distinguished women’s team leading the veterinary medicine sector


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”
In adherence to the strategy of empowering women and enhancing their pioneering role in the comprehensive development process, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority is keen to open horizons for Emirati women to take the lead in various technical and specialized fields, as Emirati women have emerged in the field of veterinary medicine, and have deservedly demonstrated their superiority and ability to give and distinction. And contribute to completing the Authority’s march and achieving more achievements.
The authority includes a constellation of women in the field of veterinary medicine as a distinct addition to its technical staff, who work in several specialties, and take on a number of major tasks such as conducting surgical operations for various types of livestock, examining and diagnosing disease cases, receiving emergency cases and providing appropriate treatment, in addition to using modern technologies. In the field of tissue analysis for the purposes of preparing tissue slices, preparing and processing diseased tissue samples after autopsies, and samples coming from surgeons, in addition to providing preventive services and applying all measures to contain disease foci, conducting field visits to estates, breeding holdings and providing all veterinary services to them.
Dr. Hamda Khalfan Al-Alawi, a veterinarian in the surgery unit at Al-Qattara Veterinary Hospital of the authority, said: The Emirati woman is a strong woman who is able to work in various fields and face all challenges, and I am very proud of my work in the field of veterinary medicine through which we can preserve and develop livestock. She added that our role is not limited to providing appropriate treatment and performing surgeries, but we also work to provide advice to livestock keepers regarding health measures, nutrition, general management of the farm, treatment options and other guidance.
Noura Al Zarouni – an analyst in the Pathological Anatomy unit in the authority’s laboratories praised the efforts of the wise leadership in the field of empowering women and encouraging them to go into the midst of work in various fields, adding that my work in the field of anatomy and dealing with various cases contributed to refining my skills and building practical experiences I have in the field of veterinary medicine. , Where the autopsy unit plays an important role in preserving livestock through investigating epidemic diseases and preventing their outbreaks.
Dr. Muhammad Salman Al Hammadi, Director of Communication and Community Service, confirmed that the authority is proud of the presence of a distinguished female cadre of the highest level of competence and experience, as the authority is keen to attract young technical cadres and localize specialized jobs in all its sectors in order to create an empowered generation capable of continuing the march of excellence and success and achieving Achievements.
He added that the authority contributed to the launch of the veterinary science program in 2012 at the Higher Colleges of Technology with the full support of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors, with the aim of graduating and qualifying young national cadres to work in the field Veterinary services, in the context of the need to support Emiratisation in the veterinary sector and meet the increasing needs of specialists in areas related to the livestock management system, stressing that the development and sustainability of livestock, the strengthening of the biosecurity system and the reduction of common diseases between humans and animals, is a strategic priority for the Abu Dhabi Authority for Agriculture and Food Safety .


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