Abdullah Bushehri makes an uproar with the possibility of an emotional relationship with Laila Abdullah – in the photo


The Kuwaiti artist of Iranian origin, Abdullah Bushehri, caused a stir on social networking sites after sharing a picture he collected with the Lebanese artist residing in Kuwait.Laila AbdullahHe commented on her sending her a romantic message, which prompted followers to wonder if he was living a love story with her.
And Boushahri’s message to Abdullah said: “I live with you and can and be able to be .. and I am not afraid if what in your passion it will be .. If this is madness, what is better than madness? And you, if I were to go … I am in the pocket of courage. This is where I have changed me a lot for a long time. “
The comments differed between one denouncing the possibility of an emotional relationship between Boushahri and Abdullah, especially that he is married and father of two children. Others, however, blessed them in advance and said: “We appreciate saying Mubarak.” Another said: “Salamat, and your wife would not have thought of her if she saw these words.” And a third commented: “Ha, well, God willing, we say Mubarak if after some time.”


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