Abdullah Al-Sadhan reconciles Nasser Al-Qasabi with an influential message, and what is the secret of deleting it hours after its spread!


Cairo – Sama Jaber Wednesday, 03 March 2021 – 12:57

Abdullah Al-Sadhan, the great Saudi artist, seems to have decided to reconcile with his colleague Nasser Al-Qasabi after the years-long disagreements between them, as he sent a message to him through his Twitter account.

Abdullah Al-Sadhan sends an impressive message to Nasser Al-Qasabi

Abdullah Al-Sadhan sent a message of reproach to Nasser Al-Qasabi through his Twitter account, where he posted a video clip attached to an influential song by the artist Rashid Al-Majed from the series “Al-Asouf” and included various clips from their most famous works together, and it seems that he chose that particular song to be appropriate to the situation he reached Each of them is in their disagreement, as the lyrics of the song say, “Kalash changed and turned, and he no longer resembles our soul … We run and get tired, and the features of our yesterday are lost … God if the years return to me, the love … returns the good times and our sweet days together.”

Abdullah Al-Sadhan surprised the audience by deleting the message of his reproach to Nasser Al-Qasabi

The Saudi star commented on the video and said: “By God, then, by God, I love you, and this is a message of reproach, I accepted it, welcome, you see my home.” Despite the spread of the tweet among the followers of each of the two famous stars, Al-Qasabi has not yet commented on his colleague’s message.

But hours after Al-Sadhan published the clip on Twitter, he decided to delete it suddenly, raising questions from some, as some considered that Nasir al-Qasabi’s failure to comment on him was what caused him to delete his private labels, while others considered that the reason for the deletion was the duo’s intention to end their differences away from the limelight. But the great Saudi star has not revealed the real reason for the deletion of the video yet.

Differences of Abdullah Al-Sadhan and Nasser Al-Qasabi

It is worth noting that Abdullah Al-Sadhan and Nasser Al-Qasabi had a dispute that began in 2012 against the background of their technical separation, and the matter reached the courts, where Al-Qasabi asked Al-Sadhan before heading to the Riyadh Commercial Court to end the partnership between them amicably and not escalate to the judiciary, but Al-Sadhan was looking for solutions that prevent Technical separation, which prompted Al-Qasabi to settle matters judicially, as well as failed friendly attempts to reconcile them over the past years.

Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan are among the most influential stars in Saudi Arabia, where they were linked artistically in the eighties, and together they presented many dramas, including “Unforgettable Days”, “Odeh Asawid”, “We are all children of a village” and “Tash.” Ma Tash “with its 18 parts, which is the most famous Saudi work in Saudi Arabia. They also presented several theatrical works, including” Hammoud and Muhaimid “and” Under the Chair “, in addition to their commercial partnership with Al-Hadaf Media Production Company for many years.

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