Abdel Halim Hafez’s family is preparing for a move that resolves many mysteries – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Egyptian singer Mohamed Shabana, the son of the late artist Abdel Halim Hafez’s brother, revealed that he is working with his family on providing audio recordings of the late star, through a TV program.

Shabana confirmed that he is trying to reach a good agreement in order for the program to be supervisor and befitting the name of Halim.

Mohamed Shabana pointed out that this step “will remove many mysteries surrounding his uncle Abdel Halim Hafez, including the secret of his non-marriage to the late Egyptian artist, Souad Hosni, his relationship with the late Egyptian presidents, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, and his foreign trips.”

Mohamed Shabana explained to the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” that the restoration of his uncle’s voice notes had been completed recently, noting that it required huge efforts to purify the voice.

On the other hand, Abdel Halim Hafez’s family announced the closure of his house on the 44th anniversary of his death, for the second year in a row, due to the repercussions of the emerging “Corona” virus.

And Abdul Halim Hafez died on March 30, 1977 in the British capital, London, after a bitter struggle with schistosomiasis.



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