A thunderous statement by Juan Laporta at the presidential debate


Juan Laporta throws his heavy weapons into the final meters of the presidential ex

It seems that the debates between the three candidates for the post of President of Barcelona: Victor Font – Juan Laporta and Tony Ferencia have reached the highest stage of intensity, as each candidate began to throw his heavy weapons in the last meters of the presidential race.

After Laporta was ahead in opinion polls recently, Font surprised everyone by leading the race two days ago through opinion polls, to become the favorite to be the successor to Josep Bartomeu.

In response to the delay in the polls, former club president Juan Laporta declared a devastating weapon, declaring in the debate that if he wins – and only wins – Lionel Messi will remain with Barcelona, ​​and Laporta said: “I am sure Messi will accept the proposal that we will present to him. My relationship with him is very solid. If someone else wins, Messi will not continue with the club. “

This is the first time that any candidate or official source has talked about the fate of Lionel Messi next season, as all the permits were in the category of speculation, but now the matter has become within the framework of the official electoral promise and the use of Messi’s name in an election campaign.

Barcelona elections start on March 7, after they were scheduled to take place on January 24 the previous, but were postponed due to the Corona virus.

The electoral campaigns were supposed to start on January 15 and until the 22nd of the same month, after which a period of electoral silence until the elections.

The president will be in office for six years, except in exceptional circumstances, as happened with former President Bartomeu, who resigned last October.


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