A strong message from Haya Al-Shuaibi to Hala Al-Turk so that she retracts her mother’s case


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The Kuwaiti actress appeared Haya elshoabee In a video I spoke to Hala Al Turk After the recent crisis that led to her mother being sentenced to a year in prison, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, where she confirmed at the beginning of the video that she was talking to her as if she were her young daughter and did not want her to be in a negative position.

Haya Al-Shuaibi sends a message to Hala Al-Turk

Haya Al-Shuaibi appeared in a video and congratulated all the mothers, then directed her talk to Hala Al Turk She asked God to give Hala Al-Turk’s heart to her mother and confirmed that she talks to her as if she were her daughter and asked her to forget all the differences that occurred between her and her mother because her mother, then her mother, then her mother, then the whole world after that.

و .ضافت Haya elshoabee The money that her mother took from her is nothing at all, and Haya expressed her willingness to return the full amount to a solution in exchange for joy introducing reasons to a solution in exchange for joy in her mother’s heart and reminding her that life is a predecessor and a debt, and as she owes, she is being convicted and warned her that adhering to her stance against her mother It might push a lot of Gulf celebrities to take a negative stance on it and no one wants that.

Haya Al-Shuaibi added in her message to Hala Al-Turk that her mother was the one who stood next to her since she was young and raised her and advised her not to listen to anyone, no matter who was close to her, because her mother deserves all the good and sometimes the law is stronger than mothers and forces them to abandon their children, so she must forgive and forget And with all due respect to her father and her family.

Mona Al-Saber Prison

The Bahraini court had taken a decision to grant Mona Al-Saber Hala Al-Turk’s mother has a time limit in order to be able to pay the required amount and return it to her daughter within a month and not be imprisoned, after Mona’s lawyer Al-Saber submitted a request to give her a time limit for payment, as the celebrities launched the hashtag Save_Mona_Saber.

This was after a number of famous Gulf celebrities showed solidarity with Mona Al-Saber and offered to pay the full amount of up to 200,000 Bahraini riyals, equivalent to 100 thousand US dollars, so that you would not be imprisoned, and the amount was sent to Hala Al-Turk in order to drop the case. Indeed, the defense committee of Mona Al-Saber provided Requesting a time limit to pay the amount and delaying the execution of the imprisonment sentence against her

In conjunction with the launch of the hashtag Save Mona Al-Saber, a number of Gulf celebrities gave her support, most notably Maryam Hussein and her mother, as she announced that she tried to communicate with Mona in more than one way and was unable to obtain her number and that she is ready to pay the full amount she and her mother because Mona Al-Saber is a mother and deserves more than that.


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