A story stranger than fiction .. The death of the artist Mishary Al-Balam causes the discovery of a Kuwaiti missing in America for 25 years


Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Kuwaiti citizen named Jassim Muhammad, who is the nephew of the missing Hassan Al-Failakawi, who has been missing for more than two decades under mysterious circumstances, revealed in an audio recording a story stranger than fiction about the finding of his uncle Hassan, who has been out of news since 1996 after he left Kuwait for America .

He was lost while traveling to America
Jassim said that his uncle “was lost while traveling to America with the aim of studying the language in 1996, and he has not been found or received any news from him since then.”

He added that they “exhausted all methods of searching for his uncle 25 years ago by communicating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy, ​​Interpol and the media, to no avail, which made them believe that he was killed and robbed by bandits.”

memory loss
He explained that “five days ago he received a message on his Twitter account from a person claiming to be his uncle Hassan, and after several contacts between them, it was confirmed that the sender was his uncle Hassan and not another person.”

Jassim stated that “his uncle had been suffering from memory loss all these years as a result of a certain event that he had experienced in America, and that he had regained his memory after seeing the artist Mishari Al-Balam, with whom he had an old friendship in a dream on the night of his death.

And he continued, “As a result of this dream, his uncle searched on Twitter for the account of the artist Mashari, to be surprised that he died on the same day, to regain his memory because of this dream and to see his friend, the artist, who died on February 25.”

Memory retrieval
Jassim stated, quoting his uncle, that by retrieving his memory, “he was able to find his documents and identity papers and present them to the Kuwaiti embassy, ​​and it is expected that he will return soon to Kuwait.”

It is noteworthy that Hassan Al-Failakawi, a Kuwaiti citizen, left in the mid-nineties on a plane heading to America. He was scheduled to land in the Netherlands first, but his news was interrupted two months after his travel.


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