A simplification of the mathematics that attracted 6 million viewers


The idea started from university days .. and is heading to launch a platform

The Saudi teacher, Ashwaq Al-Asmari, explained that the story of simplifying mathematics issues in a minute on TikTok began with her since the days of the university, and that the idea of ​​establishing the “Elm” Academy began with her before graduation, and that she is preparing to launch a new platform soon.

The teacher, Ashwaq Al-Asmari, said to the “Ya Hala” program broadcast on “Rotana Khaleejia”: She was explaining to her classmates during the university mathematical issues, and one day an emergency situation occurred to her, so she sent her colleagues a video explanation via WhatsApp, and discovered that the following payments request these videos to take advantage of them.

Ashwaq Al-Asmari expressed her ambition that the academy she founded would be recognized in a Saudi university, noting that the academy consists of videos explaining mathematics, which are available on social networking sites.

Ashwaq Al-Asmari added that she resorted to the TikTok application because it is a fast platform and contains the largest number of categories, explaining that people were impressed with what it offers, and that about 6 million people watched her videos, whether in the Kingdom or outside the Kingdom.

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