A security source reveals the type of missiles that were used to strike the “Ain Al-Assad” base in Iraq


A security source reveals the type of missiles that were used to hit the base

Reuters Alaa Al-Marjani

Ain al-Assad base in Iraq – Archive

An informed security source stated that the missiles used in the attack on the American “Ain Al-Assad” base in Iraq are of the same type that were used against the American forces in the years 2006-2010.

He pointed out, “8 missiles hit the American section at the base, while two rockets hit the section on the international coalition.”

For his part, the international coalition led by the United States confirmed that the “Ain Al-Assad” base, which is being used by the American forces deployed in Iraq, was attacked by a missile today, Wednesday.

A spokesman for Operation Resolve Solh, Wayne Maruto, wrote in a preliminary report on the incident that he posted on Twitter, that “10 rockets targeted al-Qaeda at 7:20 am today.”

Maruto did not disclose whether the accident resulted in casualties among the forces deployed at the base.

In turn, the Iraqi security forces managed to find the missile platform that targeted the American forces at the military base in Anbar Province, in the west of the country.

Source: Agencies


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