A Saudi minister in the novel “The Thunderbolt” about the results of the 2012 Egyptian elections


Saudi minister in a novel


Ahmed Kattan, Saudi Minister of State for African Countries Affairs, referred to the 2012 elections in Egypt, stating that Lieutenant General Ahmed Shafiq was the one who won it against Mohamed Morsi, and that he was officially informed of this.

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Saudi Minister of State for African Countries Affairs moves the still waters around

In a remarkable statement that surprised the Saudi minister’s interlocutor, Ahmed Kattan said in a television interview that the election result was flipped due to the intervention of the American ambassador in Cairo at the time (Anne Patterson), and indicated elsewhere in the interview that the US ambassador had a role in what happened.

Confirming what happened, he said that the Egyptian TV announced the news of Ahmed Shafiq’s victory, and attributed to the Egyptian journalist Mustafa Bakri his announcement that the security forces went to Ahmed Shafiq’s house to protect him.

Kattan, who was working at that time as the Kingdom’s ambassador to Egypt, revealed that at that time he sent a report to the late Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in which he said: “Praise be to God that Muhammad Morsi was the one who won the elections because Egypt was going to burn, because the Muslim Brotherhood took control of the Egyptian street. And they rode the wave, and became in control of every big and small, and I thank God that he won, and added that their actions will be revealed during this year, “noting that his expectations at that time were that these” will not rule Egypt. ”

Kattan spoke about what happened in a meeting held in Riyadh and attended by the late Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal in addition to the Kingdom’s ambassador to Washington, Adel Al-Jubeir, Dr. Nizar Madani (Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and Kattan, in the presence of the US Secretary of State at that time Hillary Clinton .

And he narrated that Saud al-Faisal introduced him to Clinton and asked him to give her an idea of ​​his expectations, and he told her that “the Egyptian armed forces will not allow the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt.”

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