A rare conjunction between Mars and Pleiades, and the sky of the Kingdom


Jeddah – Yasser Bin Yusuf

The sky of the Kingdom and the Arab world, after sunset today (Wednesday), witnesses the occurrence of Mars and the cluster of stars of Pleiades, where they will be separated by 2.6 degrees, which is the closest conjunction to them since January 20, 1991 AD.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahra, explained that it would be easy to see Mars with the naked eye, despite its dimness compared to the past four months, indicating the need to use binoculars or photography to see the Pleiades star cluster near the Red Planet from within cities.

He pointed out that Mars is currently observed in the western horizon in the constellation Taurus near the red star Aldebaran, and it is easy to distinguish between them despite the relative similarity in color and brightness. chandelier.
And he indicated that it will be observed in early March 2021 that the star of Aldebaran is brighter than Mars to the naked eye, as Mars is fading every day, which means that it is fainter than Aldebaran by the time it will pass by 7 degrees north of Aldebaran on March 20, 2021 AD.


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