A picture of a global star receiving a Corona vaccine from a Lebanese doctor interests followers


A picture published by the Lebanese-American radio presenter, Jad Abu Murad, on the social networking site, aroused the interest of followers, in which his father appeared while he was given a dose of a vaccineCoronaFor the American starDolly PartonShe is 75 years old.
Abu Murad commented on the photo, saying: “My father gives the Corona vaccine to Dolly Parton. Wonderful.”
A newspaper report stated, “The Guardian“The British doctorNaji Abu MuradBarton gave the vaccine, an old friend of hers, who had previously treated her after she suffered minor injuries as a result of a traffic accident in 2013, and she also encouraged her to support research on the Corona vaccine.
For her part, Parton posted a video clip while she was receiving a dose of the vaccine, and she called for others to do the same, and said: “I have been waiting for some time, I am old enough to receive it and I am smart enough to receive it .. I am so happy to have had a dose of (vaccine). Our modern day, “noting that Barton previously supported the development of the vaccine by donating a million dollars last year.


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