A new update from Apple addresses protection flaws


The factory, “Alphabet X,” owned by Google, is working on a wearable device that gives users superhuman hearing.

Site “Business InsiderA representative of the company was quoted as saying that the organization to which he belongs has been working since 2018, on an in-ear device equipped with powerful sensors.

The spokesman revealed that this device “will allow users to focus on a single speaker within a group of overlapping conversations based on” speech separation “technology.

Recall that the company logoAlphabet XIt is “we create radical new technologies to solve the world’s toughest problems.”

The sensor, called “Wolverine”, is designed with highly sensitive microphones that run on powerful algorithms that can identify who is speaking in order to block additional noise for the hard of hearing.

The device, Wolverine, is named after the famous Marvel book character who stimulates the supernatural senses of sight, smell and hearing.

The “Business Insider” website said it was not clear whether the device would retain the name when it was released to the public or not.

Over the past years (2018-2021), the company has created prototypes that initially covered the entire ear, and then developed other prominent models over the ear only.

A company spokesman told Business Insider, without mentioning his name, that the company was trying to “explore the future of hearing,” but refused to provide details about the project.

It is noteworthy that Facebook also announced earlier last year that its research laboratory is working to develop sound improvement technology.

And Facebook said that the goal of the research it funded is to improve “voice presence” as the sounds from speakers, headphones, or other devices cannot be distinguished.

Researchers are also developing “perceptual superpowers,” a technology that adjusts background noise and allows us to focus on the person talking to us by tracking the user’s eye movements.

By analyzing your eye and head movements, Facebook’s AR glasses, for example, with built-in amplifiers, can determine what you’re trying to hear and reduce outside noise.


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