A new problem in Liverpool … a clash between Klopp and Van Dyck


According to the English newspaper “Mirror”, the Dutch defender is determined to participate with his country in a tournament European Cup This coming summer despite his injury to the cruciate ligament, which he suffered last October.

Klopp insists that Van Dyck should focus on returning to Liverpool’s training camp next August, rather than rushing back from a serious injury to play with Netherlands in summer.

But the sources confirm that Van Dyck is determined to participate with the Netherlands in June, that is, 8 months after his injury.

According to sports rehabilitation expert Raymond Verheugen, an early comeback is too dangerous for a player.

Verheugen said: “If he did not play a minute with Liverpool, then started playing with the Netherlands, this puts him at risk of further injury.”

Van Dyck aspires to return to play for Liverpool before the end of the current season, to prepare himself to represent the Dutch windmills in the summer.


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