A medical source reveals the details of the last moments of the artist “Youssef Shaaban’s life” and what he demanded 3 days before his death


Al-Marsad newspaper: A medical source revealed, in the “Agouza” health isolation hospital in Egypt, the details of the last moments in the life of the Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban, who yesterday, today, Sunday, at the age of 89, affected by complications from his infection with the Corona virus. According to the website toss.

The source said that Yusef Shaaban “asked the medical team treating it 3 days ago to remove it from a device called Sibab, which is an external respirator, after the medical team put it to improve breathing and pressure problems that Youssef Shaaban suffers from.”

The source indicated that “the sibab system bothered him severely, so he asked to dispense with him, as he was fully aware of what was happening around him,” noting that Shaaban was suffering from kidney problems, irregularity in pressure, in addition to lack of oxygen, which caused the deterioration of his health.

The source confirmed that the “Sibab” device was dispensed with and Shaaban was placed on a regular respirator, as happens with any case that worsens in intensive care and suffers from lack of oxygen, “explaining that he remained on the device for the past three days, and his lung problems worsened.

He added that the body’s systems were not working well due to Shaban’s old age and the diseases he suffers.

He continued that, on the evening of the day before yesterday, Saturday, Shaban completely lost consciousness and his heart stopped, and attempts were made to revive him, until he died on Sunday afternoon.


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