A judicial decision obliges the Ministry of Health to provide the Coronavirus vaccine to one of the summons, under penalty of a coercive fine


Mandate Urgent Matters Judge Carla Shawah issued an expedited decision, according to its origin, requiring the Ministry of Public Health to administer the Coronavirus vaccine to one of the citizens summoned against it, under penalty of a coercive fine.

The reasons for the decision stated that “Mr. Joseph H. submitted, through his agent, attorney Fadi Al-Hajj, a petition on 2/3/2021 requesting support for the provisions of Articles 579 A.M. to accept the summons in form and to oblige the Ministry of Public Health to administer the imported Corona vaccine immediately and under pain A coercive fine leaves its discretion to the court, otherwise, by extension, appoint a technical expert whose task is to monitor the work of the electronic platform launched by the concerned ministry to obtain the aforementioned vaccine, to preserve his right to receive this vaccine at the expense of the ministry, and to preserve his right to file a lawsuit against the latter, the deputies and the general directors Those who received the vaccine, before the Court of First Instance to claim compensation in the event that his health suffered any setback due to not receiving the vaccine, and the inclusion of the summoned ministry in its face all fees and expenses

The summoner stated that he was born in 1941 and suffers from a blockage in the main artery in his left leg, and that he must undergo medical treatment throughout his life, and that he is among the most vulnerable to the Corona pandemic, and he took the initiative to register his name to obtain the vaccine through the online platform launched by the Ministry of Health for this purpose And that he was surprised, like other citizens, with the clear statement of the Minister of Public Health that he sent a team from his ministry to the Parliament that inoculated a number of deputies and general managers, bypassing their role according to the criteria set for the plan, and that these violations and violations were the subject of a press conference for the head of the National Committee to Combat Corona epidemic, Abd al-Rahman al-Bizri.

The decision concluded, after review and scrutiny, that “the Ministry of Health, by its wrong and unjustified action, has made a distinction between the summoned and others who have received the vaccine up to its date without any legitimate justification, in violation of the principle of equality le principe de l’égalité, therefore and in support of the provisions of Article 579 of the principles of civil trials contemplated by articles 589 and 604 of the same law, it was decided to oblige the respondent facing the Lebanese state – the Ministry of Public Health, to give the new anti-Coronavirus vaccine to the summoned according to the mechanism approved by it within 48 hours from the date of She informs her of this decision, on pain of a coercive fine of ten million Lebanese pounds for each day of delay in implementation.


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