A Japanese newspaper reveals new details about the escape of Carlos Ghosn


Today, Wednesday, a Japanese newspaper revealed new details related to the case of the former head of Nissan Motor Company, Lebanese Carlos Ghosn.

The Japanese newspaper, “The Yomiuri”, quoted informed sources as saying that “two American citizens, Peter and Michael Taylors, who are suspected of being involved in the escape of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn to Lebanon, received about $ 1.36 million for their services.”

The newspaper pointed out that the investigation found that the amount was transferred in installments, as in October 2019 Peter Taylor received $ 862,000 from Ghosn’s account in France in two installments. Then, after the escape, Ghosn’s son Anthony made seven more transfers worth $ 500,000 in cryptocurrency.

Peter and Michael Taylors were extradited by the United States on February 2 and transferred to Japan at the request of the Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office. The Japanese side also requested the extradition of the American citizen of Lebanese origin, George Zayek, who is also suspected of organizing Ghosn’s escape.

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