A harmful and beneficial lord … Captain Ronald’s “angry” badge was auctioned to help a sick child (video)


The captaincy that Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo tossed to the ground to express his anger for not counting a correct goal for his country against Serbia was put up for auction today, Tuesday, in order to help a sick child.

Ronaldo demanded that his goal against Serbia be counted in the deadly time of the match that brought them together last Saturday, in the framework of the second round of the European qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

However, Dutch referee Danny Makele, aged 38, refused to count the “Madeira missile” goal on the grounds that the ball did not cross the goal line, in the absence of goal-line technology and the video assistant referee “VAR”.

The historic scorer of the Portuguese national team, with 102 goals, protested strongly to the decision of the arena referee and his assistant not to count his goal so that Ronaldo got a yellow card, after which he threw the captaincy of the Portuguese national team on the field, and left the field very angry.

Last Monday, Danny Makele, the referee of the match, apologized for not counting a correct goal for Ronaldo, as he said in a statement to the Portuguese sports newspaper “Apola”: “According to FIFA policy, all I can say is that I apologized to Fernando Santos, the coach and the Portuguese national team for what happened.” … as a panel of judges, we always work hard to make good decisions. When cases like this occur, they do not satisfy us at all. “

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Del Piero deplores

As for the “angry captain” Ronaldo badge, it was picked up later by a staff member at the stadium. He immediately contacted a local sports channel and proposed to the curators the idea of ​​presenting it at auction for a humanitarian cause.

The man, who asked not to be named, told “Agence France Presse” that he suggested raising a sum of money for the treatment of Gavrilo Djordjevic, six months old, who suffers from a rare disease.

“He (Ronaldo) threw the badge three meters away from me, and the idea that quickly crossed my mind was that this (auction) might be a good proposition,” the man recounted by phone.

“I thought that all eyes were on us now and that we could do something good for Gavrilo,” he said.

And after the sports channel “Sport Club” confirmed that the badge was indeed due to Ronaldo by verifying pictures and videos after the match, it cooperated with a charitable organization and published the badge on a special auction site “Limondo.com”.

“I hope that we can reach Ronaldo himself … so that we can help Gavrilo as much as possible,” Branislav Jucic, responsible for social networking sites in the channel, told AFP.

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Will Ronaldo avenge his goal?

The infant suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, which affects one in about 10 thousand newborns, and leads to death or the permanent need for artificial respiration upon reaching the second year in 90 percent of cases.

And he bases his hopes on the one-time gene therapy “Zolgensma”, also known as “the most expensive drug in the world,” which costs more than two million euros ($ 2.35 million).

Fundraising campaigns to help children with spinal muscular atrophy have recently become very popular in Serbia, where they raised funds for five children in the last year alone.

Hours after the auction began early Tuesday, 360,000 dinars (3,000 euros) were raised, and donors can donate directly to the charity.

Source: (AFP)


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