A famous Egyptian actress surprises followers with a hijab after her retirement … with pictures


Photos of the Mu’tazila Egyptian actress spread on social mediaAmal Ibrahim, Appeared in bThe veilDespite her retirement 15 years ago, the audience still remembers her and follows her roles, through old films and series.
During her artistic career, Amal embodied many roles firmly in the minds of viewers, and she had fingerprints in many cinematic and dramatic works, although she did not provide major roles in any of the works in which she participated.
Amal had said in an old TV interview that she had rejected many of the roles that she had been offered yetRetirementAnd the veil, and that she decided to abide by this decision, indicating that it is possible to return in one case, which is if the Egyptian representative asked her.Mohamed Sobhi, Because he will put her in a role that suits her and does not hurt the veil.


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