A famous artist marries a girl, the difference between them is 31 years .. (Details)


Saturday 06 March 2021 | 14:02

International artist Nicola Cage sparked controversy during the past hours after marrying a girl who is younger than him, with a difference of 31 years. A strong love that lasted for a long time, which is the news that issued a large number of famous art sites, most notably “Variety”, “People and others”, and others.
Despite the age difference between the spouses, which reached 31 years, they are looking for a calm, stable relationship that is pervaded by romance.

While Nicolas Cage decided that only those close to him would be present at the wedding to make the atmosphere more special and enjoyable, the surprise was the presence of his ex-wife Alice Kim and their son Cale, as the friendship between Cage and Alice was still present.

It is noteworthy that Nicholas Cage, who lives in Las Vegas, announced his engagement to Rico last August, after he applied to marry her through FaceTime, as Rikku was in Japan at the time, which was confirmed by “TMZ”.


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