A family photo of Assi El Hillani in Dubai


The Lebanese singer participated Assi El Hillani His fans have a new photo of him through his “Instagram” account, accompanied by his wife and newborn son.

Assi El-Hillani appeared in the photo with his wife Colette Paul and their son Al-Walid Al-Hallani in Dubai, and she won the admiration of his followers and commented on the picture, saying: “A beautiful day.”

Assi El Hellani revived the New Year’s party for the year 2020 in one of the major hotels in Cairo. During the ceremony, Asi presented a bouquet of his new and old songs that the audience interacted with, including “Leave my heart”, “I love the night”, “the sound of the threshold”, “crazy crazy”, ” I love you and I love you, ”Habib Al Qalb”, “Al Hawara” … and others.

It is noteworthy that Assi El-Hillani’s latest work is the song “Al-Watan” from his new album, which is written by Omar Al-Farra, composed by Assi El-Hillani, and distributed by Tony Saba, on “YouTube”.


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