A committee in the National Council has finished discussing a draft law on mental health


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”
The Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council ended the discussion of articles of a draft federal law in the matter of mental health, during a meeting held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Council in Dubai, chaired by Naema Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Second Deputy Chairman of the Council, Chair of the Committee.
The meeting was attended by Sumaya Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, the committee’s rapporteur, Shatha Saeed Alai Al Naqbi, Azra Hassan bin Rakkad, Muhammad Ahmad Al Yamahi, and Dr. Moza Muhammad Al Ameri.
From the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Dr. Abdel Nasser bin Salem, an expert on health legislation, and Dr. Lubna Ali Al-Shaali, Director of the Public Health Policies Department, participated.
Naema Al-Sharhan, Chair of the Committee, said that the committee has finished discussing the articles of the draft law, which consists of 58 articles, with representatives of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, in preparation for preparing the final report on it in the next committee meetings, adopting it and submitting it to the council and discussing it in future sessions.
She indicated that the draft law aims to regulate the relationship between the mental patient and the various parties dealing with him, in order to ensure the provision of the necessary health care for him in accordance with the best applicable standards in this field, and to protect and preserve the rights and dignity of the mental patient, and to reduce the negative effects of mental disorders on the lives of individuals, families and society. And promoting the integration of the psychiatric patient into society.
According to the explanatory memorandum received from the government, the articles of the draft law deal with the definitions and objectives of the law, the scope of its enforcement, the provisions related to the licensing of mental health services, the registration record for mental patients, the provisions related to the Monitoring and Review Committee, its terms of reference and decisions, the provisions relating to general rights and rights related to the health care of the psychiatric patient, and the rights document. The patient, the Patient Rights Care Committee, in addition to a statement of the terms of reference of the Patient Rights Care Committee, and the provisions related to types of admission to the mental health facility.
The articles of the draft law also include provisions related to the controls of mandatory external therapeutic care, in addition to indicating the incapacity of compulsory external therapeutic care, requesting treatment diversion, and provisions related to the patient’s consent to compulsory admission, voluntary entry, and emergency treatment.


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