A bullet ended the life of the 18-year-old son of Akkar, a corpse Phalanges


Get in a Mercedes with an acquaintance and delve into the unknown.

He told his family that he was heading to Beirut to work in a water company. He got into a Mercedes car with an acquaintance and went into the unknown, 5 days ago, and the ominous news arrived. Abdel-Rahman’s body was shot in an orchard in the hut town of Hermel … The son of the town of Al-Qarqaf left Akkar in a crime not Even the clock remains mysterious.

The tragic news

This morning, news of Abdul Rahman’s paradox reached Al-Hayat, he who had no enemies, and with this stopped the bullet of the time counter in his life, for his family to mourn his departure. The mayor of the municipality, Yahya Al-Rifai, confirmed to Al-Nahar that “this morning we received the news of Abd al-Rahman’s death, which one of Hermel’s sons found lying in an orchard, after he was shot in the side. He bled until he breathed his last.” He added, “I went to the hospital to follow up on the crime, and until now its causes and motives were not clear. We are waiting for the coroner’s report and forensic evidence, as the crime is still mysterious.”

Departure into the unknown

Before the crime, Abdul Rahman (18 years old) contacted yesterday evening, as Al-Rifai said with his brother, “I inform him that he works in a water company and is in good condition.” Regarding what an acquaintance of the victim said that he was in a relationship with a girl from Hermel, Al-Rifai replied: “This is what I heard, except that it is only hearsay, as is the case when any crime has occurred, and this statement cannot be approved before it is documented.” Regarding the person who took him from the front of his house 5 days ago, Al-Rifai said: “We do not know who he is yet. Abdul Rahman is a young teenager who has many friends who go out with them.”

Regarding the car, which was found far from the grove, where the body was found, where it was hit by several bullets, the mayor indicated that “this is true, but we do not know the details of what happened.” He commented on the crime by saying: “It is a deplored crime, especially in light of the circumstances that Lebanon is going through, and we cannot build on any given data before making sure, just as we cannot accuse anyone, and we are sorry for the crimes that occur and for which our youths pay their blood without any reason. Abdul Rahman left his home in order to work and secure a future for himself, to be surprised by the horror of the crime. ” He called on the security and judicial agencies to quickly reveal the circumstances of the crime, so as not to take a space or a sectarian character. Before that, a crime occurred in which two young men from the Aql family were victimized, so we do not want anyone to troll in troubled waters, and to take from the crime an excuse to reach their goals, and we will leave The case is for the security and judiciary agencies, but we ask them to quickly reveal the details of what happened, especially since Abdel-Rahman is a young man who does not have any enmity with anyone. “

Mystery … and a girl!

One of the acquaintances of the victim pointed out that “what Abd al-Rahman’s friends confirm is that he is acquainted with a girl from Hermel, and a while ago he received several calls from some young men in this region inviting him to go to her, and his comrades warned him not to take this step, and two days later he told his mother that he would go to Beirut. To work, after which the shocking news arrives. He added, “We did not tell his mother about the disaster at first. We informed her about a problem with her son, but everyone in the town learned at the end, and the Halba information office listened to the testimonies of his friends and close associates.”

Abdel-Rahman passed away, leaving his parents, four brothers and sister in a state of shock at his separation, at a time when the security forces are continuing their investigations to uncover all the circumstances of the crime.

Source: An-Nahar


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