331 new cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia … and 351 recoveries and 5 deaths


The Ministry of Health urged everyone to quickly register to obtain the Corona vaccine, in order to preserve their health and safety and protect them – God willing – from contracting the virus, pointing out that Corona virus vaccination centers in various regions of the Kingdom are witnessing a turnout of citizens and residents to obtain the vaccine.
And it announced the registration of (331) confirmed cases, and the recovery of (351) cases, while the number of active cases reached (2546), of which (501) were critical cases, and the total number of injuries reached (378,333), and cases of recovery (369,277) cases, while (5) were recorded. Death cases, bringing the total number of deaths in the Kingdom (6510) cases, and (55082) new laboratory tests were performed.
The Ministry called on everyone to contact the Center (937) for consultations and inquiries around the clock, to obtain health information and services, and to know the developments of the Corona virus.


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