3 symptoms of Coronavirus that can have severe consequences … Know the details


With the emergence of the new Corona virus, symptoms of infection continued to increase and expand, which led to disrupting the lives of millions of people. New and mutated strains of the virus increased problems and facilitated the spread of the virus faster. However, while some symptoms are mild and can be treated at home, except That there are certain signs of corona virus that can have fatal consequences and must be addressed immediately, according to a report on the site times of india.

Signs of a severe infection with the Coronavirus

In addition to the three classic symptoms of Covid-19, which are fever, dry cough and fatigue, there are other severe signs of Coronavirus that can be life-threatening and must be treated under medical supervision. The three signs of Corona that can be fatal are.

Shortness of breath

The best measure of whether it is Coronavirus symptoms Worsening is worsening shortness of breath and the degree to which you can perform normal daily activities, such as washing, dressing, cooking, climbing stairs, oxygen must be monitored at home, and patients are also asked to seek medical help for himself.

The inability to form a sentence or complete a complete sentence without pausing to take a breath or rest is also seen as a possible sign of a severe Corona infection..

Sudden dizziness or loss of consciousness

If a person feels dizzy or lost consciousness due to the basic symptoms of Coronavirus, this may be critical or dangerous, and these signs mean that you are no longer getting enough oxygen and you could be suffering from Acute respiratory distress syndromeIt is a life-threatening condition characterized by severe lung inflammation.

Mild or common symptoms of Coronavirus

In addition to the severe symptoms of Covid-19, the most common symptoms that you should watch out for are:


dry cough

Sore throat

Runny nose and stuffy nose


Loss of the sense of smell and taste

Ways to prevent corona infection

You must maintain social distancing in crowded areas and you must wear masks at all times Wash or sterilize your hands at all times and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched, and if you develop symptoms of the Coronavirus, you must first test yourself and sanitary isolation until your reports are revealed. And you test negative for the virus, along with drinking plenty of fluids and resorting to a healthy diet.


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